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Pristine glaceir fed rivers flanked by ancient beech forest



Our efforts today are not for ourselves alone, but our children and their children to come.

As a business owned by Ngāi Tahu Tourism, the preservation of our natural environment is of utmost importance to the Dart River Adventures team.

Ngāi Tahu culture and identity is based on an ancestral connection to the land and we take our role as kaitiaki (guardian) seriously, including careful consideration of the changing environment. The tribal whakataukī (proverb), mō tātou, ā, mō kā uri ā muri ake nei (for us and our children after us), means we take a long-term view. We are committed to operating sustainably and protecting the region for future generations.

Routeburn Dart Wildlife Trust

We are a proud supporter of the Routeburn Dart Wildlife Trust, formed in 2013.

The Trust has taken up the challenge to protect and rebuild the population of vulnerable native bird species found in the Dart and Routeburn catchment areas. Minimising introduced pests such as stoats, rats and possums is the key to achieving this objective. Our jet boats play an important role in transporting volunteers to regularly check and maintain over 50km of trapping lines.

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Group of kayakers paddling down clear blue water river next to native forest

Tree Planting

We have actively adopted the East end of the Paradise Forest reserve in long-term conservation effort aimed at restoring this native Red Beech forest to its state prior to the arrival of the early settlers.

Inside this area, our team have placed a mix of stoat/rat and opossum traps. These are designed to protect both native plants and the birds that rely upon them for food and habitat.  Additionally, each Spring we plant 1,000 native seedlings to reintroduce a second story of vegetation to the forest and a diversified seed source.

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Electric Jet Boat Project

A new era of sustainability and innovation. As one of New Zealand’s leading tourism operators, Ngāi Tahu Tourism has completed the conversion of one of its petrol-powered jet boats to 100 percent electric. Ngāi Tahu has been very clear about our commitment to reduce the environmental impact of our businesses. This is the kind of innovation that is going to help us achieve our goal of a more sustainable future, for us and our children after us - mō tātou, ā, mō kā uri ā muri ake nei.  

Biodiversity Programme


Dart River Adventures proudly assist the Department of Conservation with their biodiversity programme by providing them with transport up the Dart River on our jetboats. We assist them with accessing these remote areas that would take them hours to get to by other means.

Tiaki Promise

We are proud to have signed up to the Tiaki Promise. It is a driving force behind our decision making, daily operations and highlights our commitment to building a sustainable future. We will:

• Care for land, sea and nature. Treading lightly and leaving no trace.

• Travel safely, showing care and consideration for all.

• Respect culture, travelling with an open heart and mind.