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Paradise revegetation

For our children and our children's children


Dart River Conservation 

Our efforts today are not for ourselves alone, but our children and their children to come.

Paradise ForestDart River in addition to supporting the Routeburn Trust is also active in adopting the East end of the Paradise Forest reserve where we walk our guests and making a long term conservation effort aimed at restoring this native Red Beech forest to its state prior to the arrival of the early settlers.  The forest has been damaged by the grazing of cattle and sheep.  

Local farmer Jim Vient has taken the first step by ensuring that the reserve is well fenced, made stock proof and is being  maintained regularly when we have tree falls and other damage from storms.  

Inside this area Dart River has a network of tracks and along these have been placed a mix of stoat/rat and opossum traps designed to protect both native plants and the birds that rely upon them for food and habitat.  

Additionally in September each year Dart River is now planting 1,000 native seedlings to reintroduce a second story of vegetation to the forest and a diversified seed source. A big thank you to the team of #QRC students who assisted in the first year.  Efforts like these do make a difference.  Even if not in our lifetime! Small steps make big strides. 

Possum TrapBaby Flax Stoat Trap