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Frequently asked questions

The following are the questions we get asked most often. If you have any other questions or enquiries give us a call or ask us a question via the tab above. 

During the Funyaks tour you will get wet up to your knees, and possibly (but rarely) further. A wetsuit and wetsuit booties are provided on the tour for this reason, and are required to be worn throughout the entire duration of the trip.


We recommend that all year round customer be prepared with a warm layer of clothing, comfortable footwear for walking and sunglasses/eyewear. During the summer months sunscreen, insect repellent are a must; while in the winter warm hats and gloves and an extra layer of clothing are strongly advised. A small bag is allowed to be carried with you for the entire duration of the tour, should you require any extra items.



We provide all customers with a wetsuit, wetsuit booties, fleeces, spray jackets and dry bags. Sunglasses/eyewear are recommended all year round and during the summer months you should come prepared with your swimwear, sunscreen, insect repellent, sun hat and water. During winter we advise that all customers come with warm hats and gloves, woollen socks, and thermal layers.

For both tours cameras are recommended, however are carried at your own risk.


Lunch is not provided on this tour. The tour duration is 3 hours and all customers are allowed to bring with them a small bag, should they need to take any refreshments with them. 


For this full day tour you will stop along the way and enjoy a wilderness picnic lunch. A dry bag is also provided for each customer, should you need to take any extra snacks with you.

The stunning scenery of the Dart River and Mt Aspiring National Park certainly invites you to take photographs, and our guides will regularly stop for excellent photo opportunities. Of course, as we do operate in a wilderness area, you do carry your camera at your own risk, and we do not recommend using your camera during the 360 spins on jet boats. However, our drivers will always warn you before a spin, so you’ll have time to tuck your camera away safely!

The guided nature walk through the Paradise Beech forest is very gentle, just a 30 minute meander through the native New Zealand Bush filled with lots of informative photo stops. If you have any queries about a particular injury or health concern please contact our reservation team.

Unfortunately we are unable to guide pregnant women on our Jet Boats.

Yes, there are 'wilderness toilets' located in the Paradise forest walk for Wilderness jet customers and a toilet for Funyak at both the Beansburn and the Rockburn streams.  However be aware all the toilets are self composting and not flush toilets.  They are also generally in sand fly areas.  dart River does maintain and clean these toilets regularly.

We do have staff at base that speak English, Chinese and some French.  

We do not have translators on the trips HOWEVER the Dart River Wilderness Jet has GPS triggered commentary in Chinese, Japanese, German, Spanish and French.  

This is a substantial commentary covering the backroad route, landscapes, glaciers, movies, history and the forest walk.  Please request it in your booking by asking for the KRUSE system.  

Jet boating

If for any reason, medical or otherwise, you are unable to get into and out of the jet boat without assistance, you are required to have two support people who are able to get you in and out and they must also be booked on your trip. You must also be able to hold onto the handrail and brace yourself with your feet for the full duration of the trip. If you have any specific medical conditions including breaks and fractures, or if you suffer from back or neck problems please advise us at the time of booking so we can assess and advise your suitability to travel.

Funyak and Horse Riding

Depending on the injury or medical condition will determine whether or not you are able to join us. Please feel free to contact us so we can asses and advise your suitability to travel

Jet Boats

We don’t have a weight limit but you must be able to fit into one of our life jackets to ride. We do have larger sizes available. If you are unable to get into and out of the jet boat without assistance, you are required to have two support people who are able to get you in and out and they must also be booked on your trip.

Horse Riding

For the health and wellbeing of our horses, we have a strict rider weight limit of 95 kilograms and therefore ask you to provide your weight when booking.

When looking at jet boats in Queenstown, it’s understandable that you may worry about getting wet. Of course, when travelling on a river jet boat, there is always a possibility that water can spray up in to the boat.

When on a Dart River Adventure Wilderness Jet trip, we ensure that you can remain as comfortable as possible when taking in the stunning scenery of Mt Earnslaw and the Main Divide. Optional spray jackets are provided for you to wear under your life jacket to make sure you stay nice and dry.

Yes, boat trips in Queenstown are a great experience all year round. You will find that the scenery changes throughout the year, being spectacular in its own way during each season. Make sure you rug up warm in the winter months wearing at least three layers, a beanie, gloves and scarf or buff. As the only jet boat operator licensed to navigate the Dart River, we will introduce you to the stunning scenery and hidden treasures along the way.

As we navigate the braided, glacier-fed rivers, our guests enjoy 360-degree spins, taking in the ancient beech forests, glaciers, and soaring mountains made famous by their appearance in the Lord of the Rings films. In winter, the snow-capped mountains in the distance are a beautiful backdrop to your jet boat ride. In summer, the trees and the mountains take on different hues, and the river sparkles under clear blue skies.

Dart River Wilderness Jet not only offers the best jet boat ride in Queenstown, but our jet boat rides are also suitable for the whole family. Our rides are a great experience for kids because they are not as extreme as the other jet boat rides in the area that navigate the difficult terrain. Dart operates on an open, braided river.

Children three years and older are allowed on our boat rides. The minimum child height is 1m, but this may be increased to 1.2m in certain conditions.

As the name suggests, jet boats are designed to travel at speed. Jet boats can travel up to 90km per hour, though of course our boat trips don’t always go that fast! You’ll be able to experience the thrill of a jet boat ride, while still being able to enjoy the amazing landscapes all around you.

Jet boats have been specifically designed to navigate very shallow tracts of water, as low as 10cm in depth. They were originally invented to navigate remote farming areas that were difficult to access. This means that they can travel through all kinds of terrains, such as the braided rivers around Mount Aspiring National Park.

Jet boats work differently to other boats. Instead of the propeller system used in a motorboat, jet boats use the power of waterjet propulsion. This generates a propulsive thrust as the water is forced into the jet unit and then forced out again, driving the boat forward. Like other motor vessels, this system also needs fuel to work. Jet boats use more fuel than the average motorboat but are also much safer to operate and travel in.

Jet boats can steer, turn, brake, and reverse from using special capabilities of the jet engine. Turning the jet nozzles changes the direction of propulsion, and therefore steers the boat. The craft uses deflectors and thrust buckets to brake and reverse. This is similar to the way that a jet aircraft operates.